i can't really say i'm truly happy with EclipseStore, because i didn't grasp some of the core concepts behind it, couldn't get the necessary information from the docs and didn't get involved with the community yet. while it worked flawlessly, i always had the nagging feeling of using it the wrong way.

the biggest problem is the binary format and its opaqueness. with a traditional database system i've got external tools to inspect and manipulate the content - and then there's the unreasonable effectiveness of plain text.

the pepperino wiki engine was, initially, a demo for testing EclipseStore, but now i ported it to a plain text file based backend. the file format is quite simple: one line for the title, one line for the date, one line for the username and then the content lines prefixed by a character until an empty line. this format is only practical if all pages can be kept in memory after an initial loading/parsing phase but afterwards, storing a new page is just a file append operation.

nothing's linking here.

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