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A simple but fast templating engine written in kotlin as a gradle build plugin. It emits kotlin source

see tempolin


A gradle build plugin that generates kotlin DAO and DTO code from SQL statements.

see scovy

html form parser

A simple kotlin parser turning url encoded html form data into a struct that supports maps, lists and values. Also contains a mapper for mapping those structs to classes using reflection.

pepperino wiki

A wiki engine written in an afternoon. Supports blogging.

see pepperino

four-in-a-row montecarlo

the classic game with a simple monte carlo bot.

freecell solver

a brute force solver for random games of freecell (the card game) written in java in 2016. iirc there was a further optimized version but either i'm imagining it or i've lost it.


An archive collecting information about austrian popular music. Task: programming.


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