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Modern Java/JVM Build Practices is an article-as-repo on building modern Java/JVM projects using Gradle and Maven, and a starter project for Java.

The focus is best build practices and project hygiene.

1BRC: The 1 Billion Row Challenge HN / github

read one billion rows of city: temperature duples and calculate the min/max/avg. i can't say i like it as it's almost purely a test of string parsing speed and few things else.

the results are staggering though: the naive java solution with Files.lines and stream collector takes 4m13s, while the currently fastest solutions take less than 8s.

it's also interesting that graalvm takes most of the top spots.

see 1brc

an app can be a home-cooked meal

i feel like most of my apps are home-cooked meals. HN

nothing's linking here.

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