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LLMs and Programming in the first days of 2024

I'll start by saying that this article is not meant to be a retrospective on LLMs. It's clear that 2023 was a special year for artificial intelligence: to reiterate that seems rather pointless. Instead, this post aims to be a testimony from an individual programmer. Since the advent of ChatGPT, and later by using LLMs that operate locally, I have made extensive use of this new technology. The goal is to accelerate my ability to write code, but that's not the only purpose. There's also the intent to not waste mental energy on aspects of programming that are not worth the effort.

- antirez,

missing the point of webassembly

I find most descriptions of WebAssembly to be uninspiring: if you start with a phrase like “assembly-like language” or a “virtual machine”, we have already lost the plot. That’s not to say that these descriptions are incorrect, but it’s like explaining what a dog is by starting with its circulatory system. You’re not wrong, but you should probably lead with the bark.

I have a different preferred starting point which is less descriptive but more operational: WebAssembly is a new fundamental abstraction boundary. WebAssembly is a new way of dividing computing systems into pieces and of composing systems from parts. ... Like the Linux syscall interface, WebAssembly defines an interface language in which programs rely on host capabilities to access system features. Like the C ABI, calling into WebAssembly code has a predictable low cost. Like HTTP, you can arrange for WebAssembly code to have no shared state with its host, by construction.

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